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Savoring the 2009 Season, Living Like Kings in France\n\nLunch and an Interview with Robin Roy, Best Baseball Pitcher in French History\n\n\n{October 16, 2009, Les Quatre Saisons Restaurant, Rouen – itw by Tom Nagel}\n
\n \n—-\n\n\n\nVictory comes in many flavors, victory over an opponent, victory in face of an objective, victory over adversity and victory shared with friends. Robin Roy is described as the best baseball pitcher in French history. I’m celebrating today with Robin the end of the 2009 season at the Four Seasons restaurant in the Hotel de Dieppe in Rouen, one of the best restaurants in Normandy.\n \nChampagne is in order. The season ended just last Sunday with Rouen taking the final series 3-1 against their traditional enemy, Savigny-sur-Orge. It’s a very personal victory for Robin. He was forced into retirement in 2007 by cancer. He made a spectacular comeback this season at age 40.\n \nStriking French farmers kept Robin tied up in traffic and he was 45 minutes late for our lunch. I’m Tom, a baseball umpire and amateur journalist.\n \nT: For starters: Cheers! And congratulations on a brilliant season!\n \nR: Yes, we won the regular season national championships, the Challenge de France [French qualifier cup between the top eight teams, May 21-24], we dominated in the finals and placed third in the European A-Cup. We missed the European final four, but just barely the last day. The French Juniors did really well at the European Championships also. \n\n\n[…]\n\nT: Without any hors-d’oeuvres and directly into the main dish, what stands out for you personally about this season?\n \nR: When I think about it, the difficult part was my health. I remember vividly the first exhibition game played against Belgium in early March. It was my first game in a couple of years [since 2007]. I had a lot of doubts. My age was an issue. I had doubts. Did I really want to play or was this only a juvenile, how do you say it, caprice. I practiced during the winter indoors with no batters, so the question right off the top was quite simply – am I capable of doing this? It was freezing cold, bad weather and there was not one spectator in the stands. It didn’t matter but in spite of all my hesitations and nerves, I remember striking out the first batter and from there on it was OK.\n \nThe European Cup early in the season especially against L&D Amsterdam was awesome. Their big hitter de Jong was in full form and I had been out for two years under therapy. [Sidney de Jong, top player at the 2006 World Baseball Classic, all-star catcher at the 2007 World Baseball Cup – he scored one of two runs to defeat Cuba, best Dutch hitter at the 2009 World Baseball Classic, he threw out six of nine runners attempting a steal at the 2009 World Port Tournament.]\n \nWe beat Amsterdam 8-5 in Nettuno. De Jong had scored one of the key runs in the Haarlem Baseball Week a few years back and his team went on to defeat the United States, a real upset. [July 29, 2006: The Netherlands vs USA 15-3, a historic victory for a European team.] We beat him and his team. I remember coming to the mound for the first time with a 5-0 lead and thinking “Can I hold them?” In the fourth inning with bases loaded and no outs, I managed three outs in a row; I think two were strikeouts, against the top of their lineup. [Connor, first batter in the Dutch lineup, struck out swinging (1-2 KSFBS), Benner struck out looking (0-2 KKK), Bleij grounded out to second base (1-1 BK) leaving three on base.] That was the highlight of the year. The rest was easy. Pressure and emotion, that was the best personal moment. \n\n[…]\n\n—-\n\n\n\nla suite de l’interview du King sur le site de la CEB\n\n\n\n[CEB - nouveau logo]\n